Jabberwock Scholarship Pageant

Is a signature program of our Sorority, and was created in 1925 as a way to connect with young black girls by providing them mentorship, fellowship, and college scholarships. The chapter hosted its first pageant in 1998. We provide participants with culturally enriching activities that help them along their journey to adulthood. A portion of our programming includes educational development workshops and a community service component to teach stewardship and the true meaning of being a servant-leader to the young girls. In addition, the program raises money for scholarships for which the participants are eligible, allowing them to save for their college expenses.

Annually, we hold this fundraising event, which seeks to foster personal and educational growth while providing a cultural experience of the highest caliber for the community. Proceeds from the pageant provide educational scholarships and to support other charitable activities for the community.

Over the years, this has been a truly spectacular event for participants and their families! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lincoln Alumnae had to suspend the pageant activities in 2019. We hope to resume post-pandemic in 2023.


Seeds of Literacy

Since 2013, the Lincoln Alumnae Chapter has adopted the Student Childcare Centers of North Star High School and Northeast High School. Working with the Early Childhood Student-Parent Program Coordinator, for Lincoln Public Schools, our desire was to provide community support for teen parents during the holiday season through providing gifts for their children. The program has grown into an opportunity to connect with student-parents and provide encouragement for them to pursue self-sufficiency through enhanced educational opportunities.
We give each child a book that their parents will read to them. The age-appropriate book allows the student-parent to read to their child (or children) and promote reading at an early age. This time set aside for reading further develops the bonds between the student-parent and child. Reading assists parents in the development of their child’s vocabulary, so that when the child begins to speak, they have memories of hearing certain words in context. Reading time also establishes a foundation for the love of reading and of books in the child. This early engagement with books can impact the child's future success at school at all levels and in all subjects.


Annually, the chapter awards scholarships to African American female who are graduating from high school and have gained admission into an institute of higher learning. Each year the Chapter awards scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 in total.

Youth Community Service

The Chapter recognizes African American female students for their community service and educational achievements.